Hindis shared their latest track ‘Boom Boom Back’ featuring Beck, and announced their new album ‘VIVA HINDS’.
08/05/2024 20:23 in News

Serving as the album’s lead single, ‘Boom Boom Back’ the breezy track features a crisp guitar riff with the duo – Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote – and Beck asks “If you wanna fall in love in a bar tonight / Do you wanna fall in love with a broken heart? / Do you wanna ride? Ride in my Mirage? / Do you wanna be the one that feels the “Boom-Boom” back?”                                                                                                        The song was the first track the duo wrote for the album following a creative rut in 2020 after the release of their third album ‘The Prettiest Curse’. They went on to join forces with Beck after the duo met by chance at a film screening on a trip to LA.

Directed by Perote and Cosials, the track’s accompanying music video sees the two walking and driving all around Los Angeles in matching black outfits. The single is the second song to be released from the Spanish indie rockers’ upcoming album ‘VIVA HINDS’. It follows their previously released track ‘Coffee’.

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